Manage reservation for multiple charging station with our Booking management system
book charging station using gaadin ev charging mobile app and change management system
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Β Booking Management
With our Booking Management System, you can efficiently handle reservations for multiple charging stations.
Gaadin's Booking Management Software offers convenient solutions through advanced algorithms that provide users with real-time information on available slots at nearby charging stations via their app. This empowers users to make advance reservations, ensuring convenient access to charging facilities.
Key features:
Man charging its electric vehicle at a charging point using gaadin ev charging app

Our booking management system enables users to reserve specific charging stations and time slots, preventing conflicts and ensuring reliable access to chargers.

Users can create accounts and log in, facilitating personalized experiences, historical data tracking, and effective communication.

Our system displays up-to-the-minute availability of charging stations, allowing users to select the most suitable option.

Users can choose their preferred time slots for charging, preventing overbooking and ensuring a designated period for their EV charging needs.

Users can easily adjust or cancel reservations as plans change, ensuring flexibility without complications.

The system sends notifications and reminders to users about upcoming reservations, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments.

Once charging begins, users can monitor progress through the app, receiving updates and notifications for a seamless experience.
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