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Gaadin EV Remote EVSE Management System
 Remote Management
Managing the evolving network from a distance with a single click has been made exceptionally effortless through Gaadin's EV remote management service. This service provides real-time updates on the status of each charging port, including energy consumption data and estimated remaining charging time. With Gaadin's EV remote management, you have the capability to effortlessly access, modify, and oversee charging settings and transaction logs, ensuring swift and efficient management of charging operations. This software offers comprehensive control over all charger details, enabling operators to deliver timely assistance and support to EV drivers.
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Our advanced remote monitoring system empowers users to oversee and manage their monitoring setup remotely via network access. This means that individuals can conveniently utilize their mobile phones, tablets, or computers to gain remote entry to the monitoring system. They can view real-time charger status, receive timely alarm notifications, analyze charging operations, and provide prompt assistance to electric vehicle drivers.
Our EV charging platform grants you comprehensive control over all charging points within your domain, with the added convenience of effortlessly incorporating new charging points into the network. This level of flexibility and accessibility enables operators to effectively monitor and manage the charging hub from any location, offering unparalleled convenience.
Moreover, this system boasts the capability to identify and analyze potential security threats, including abnormal activities and intrusion events. This proactive approach ensures a swift response and allows operators to implement preventive measures, thereby mitigating losses and risks effectively.

Take command of your EV hub with unparalleled ease - our Platform-connected charging station enables real-time interaction and empowers you to send commands for firmware updates and even reset charging protocols.

For each charging hub, gain a complete overview of notifications, transactions, and heartbeat values. Additionally, access a concise summary of static data, including location, hardware details, and manufacturer information.

Ensure the continued well-being of your charging infrastructure, keeping EV drivers happy and on the move. Monitor your network diligently to identify issues promptly.

Remote management equips operation managers to take swift action from a distance, providing customers with speedy solutions and saving operational costs by avoiding unnecessary technician dispatch.

Our intelligent monitoring system harnesses OCPI and advanced algorithms to deliver smarter and more efficient monitoring solutions. Enjoy live monitoring, intelligent analysis, remote access, and control to enhance security, boost efficiency, and reduce expenses.
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