Our Specialization
e-Mobility Solutions
We've devised tailored solutions for both e-Mobility service providers and Charge Point Operators. Our offerings for service providers enhance user experiences through mobile apps, payment gateways, and navigation systems, while for operators, our tools optimize network management, ensuring efficient infrastructure utilization. This integrated approach fosters collaboration between these critical stakeholders, promoting sustainable electric vehicle growth.
EV Fleet management
Our cutting-edge solutions are tailored to empower businesses with electric vehicle fleets, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. With our expertise, you can effortlessly manage your EV fleet, from tracking vehicle health and performance to optimizing charging and scheduling, all while reducing your environmental footprint. Experience the future of fleet management with our EV-centric solutions.
Energy Management
Our expertise lies in crafting intelligent, forward-thinking solutions that harmonize the worlds of electric vehicles and energy efficiency. With our specialized software, you can effortlessly monitor, optimize, and control your energy consumption, while seamlessly integrating EV charging into your energy ecosystem. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures that your organization can efficiently manage both power distribution and electric vehicle infrastructure, contributing to a greener and more cost-effective future.
Custom software development
We modernizes your application development by bringing together with agility, architecture, APIs, and cloud services, as opposed to traditional and standard applications used by many organizations.
Dedicated Dev Teams
We can assist your brand in demanding processes and promise full dedication from a team of experts. Whether it is Golang, Node.js or any other desired technology our experts support process all over the world.
Simplify EV Charging with Our White Label EV Software Solutions
Gaadin's White Label EV Software Solutions streamline the process of EV charging, making it more accessible and convenient for users. These solutions are designed to simplify the complexities associated with electric vehicle charging, offering a user-friendly and efficient platform for managing and accessing charging services. Whether it's through streamlined user interfaces, optimized charging station management, or enhanced customer experiences, Gaadin's White Label EV Software Solutions aim to make the EV charging experience more seamless and user-centric.
Dedicated and most preferable smart charging platform
No developers needed
Hassle free software development
Ready-to-use solution
Turnkey smart charging solution with minimal lead time
Dedicated support team to smoothly guide your app roll-out and operation
Branded app
Provide a comprehensive, GDPR-compliant smart charging app, customized with your branding.
Go live within four weeks

Real time monitoring contributes to efficient energy distribution, reduces downtime, and enhances the reliability and convenience of electric vehicle charging services.

Manage EV charging infrastructureΒ  operations efficiently by providing a reliable and convenient experience for electric vehicle owners.

Streamline the processes, enhance security and gain valuable insight from the collected data.

Introduce special promotions for electric vehicle drivers during occasions, launchΒ a targeted campaign to encourage greater utilization of EV charging stations, and drive increased revenue.

Generate customized reports for the corporations or individuals.

Flexibility in adapting pricing models to optimize revenue, encourage off-peak charging and accommodate different user segments.
Let's enhance your business with the smartest AI-driven EV charging software.