EV Payment & Billing

Boost your earnings through versatile payment and billing solutions.
Dashboard of the Gaadin white label EV charging platform for billing and payment
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 EV Payment & Billing
Gaadin employs cutting-edge technologies to enhance the efficiency and convenience of electric vehicle charging. Our platform empowers you to create and oversee Tariff Codes for your various locations and clusters, granting you complete control over the optimization of EV charging billing processes and charger revenue management.
We've made it simple to handle and customize billing information, whether you're managing an entire charging network or fine-tuning the details of a single charging point.
Payment and billing
Effortlessly connect with your preferred payment gateway and efficiently handle diverse billing options for both customers and business partners.
Monetize your network with Gaadin EV management software
Choose your Payment provider
When it comes to managing payments for your business, flexibility is key. Gaadin understands this and allows you the freedom to select the payment processor that aligns perfectly with your unique business needs. Whether you have a preferred local payment provider or seek a specific solution, Gaadin offers seamless custom integration options to ensure a tailored fit for your payment processing, enhancing your business operations and customer transactions. This adaptability empowers you to optimize your financial operations while delivering a convenient and efficient payment experience to your customers.
Distributing Revenue in Conjunction with Settlement Reports
Set the best revenue-sharing business model for partners and site hosts at every location.Gaadin platform effortlessly calculates the billable amount at the conclusion of every month, streamlining your billing procedures for greater ease of management.
Multiple Payment Options
Boost the revenue generation potential of your network by diversifying your accepted payment options. These can encompass a wide range, including credit and debit card transactions via the mobile app, prepaid subscription plans, on-the-spot pay-as-you-go payments, voucher systems, and top-up packages, among various other alternatives.
Let's enhance your business with the smartest AI-driven EV charging software.