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 EVSE Management
Gaadin's EV Charging Management Solution empowers businesses in the electric vehicle charging industry to efficiently oversee and profit from their charging operations through a unified dashboard. In this context, EVSE, which can denote a specific charging circuit within an electric vehicle charger offering multiple charging ports or connectors to EV drivers, plays a crucial role.
Consider a scenario where a parking lot features two separate chargers. Let's delve into how Gaadin's EVSE management software operates within the charging process:
  • Single Charger with Two Outlets and One EVSE:
In the first charger setup, only one electric vehicle can be charged at any given time, even though there are two outlets available. When the charging process is initiated, the status of the second socket is automatically switched to "unavailable" by the charger. Gaadin's EV Charging Management Solution ensures that even if there is a status update error, preventing drivers from attempting to use the occupied outlet, the status remains accurately reported as "unavailable."
  • Dual Charger with Two Plugs and Two EVSEs:
In the second charger configuration, two electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously. The charger intelligently divides and allocates the available energy between the two sockets based on the operator's settings and the site's energy constraints. This ensures that both EVs receive an efficient and fair charging experience while respecting the site's limitations.
In summary, Gaadin's EV Charging Management Solution streamlines and optimizes the charging process for electric vehicle businesses, whether they operate single or dual charging setups, ensuring efficient usage and preventing driver inconvenience.
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